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[mixtape] CJ Fly ‘Thee Way Eye See It’

CJ Fly - Thee Way Eye See It

ジョーイ・バッドアス率いるプロ・エラのCJ・フライが、ミックステープ『Thee Way Eye See It』を予定どおり発表。ジョーイ・バッドアス、アブ・ソウル、ファイフ、バックショット、エリック・アーク・エリオット(フラットブッシュ・ゾンビーズ)、クッキン・ソウル、スタティック・セレクター、チャック・ストレンジャーズなどなど参加。


1. FLintroCK [prod. By Cy Fyre]
2. Tug-At-War [prod. By Esta]
3. Ernee (feat. Dirty Sanchez) [prod. By Lee Bannon]
4. Day zZz’s [prod. By Statik Selektah]
5. Loco Motives [prod. By Carnage]
6. Eyetalian Frenchip [prod. By The Entreproducers]
7. Q&A [prod. By ESTA]
8. Crew’s Cunt Troll [prod. By Chef Gold]
9. Side (feat. Buckshot) [prod. By The Entreproducers]
10. Left Get [prod. By Backpack]
11. Too Paid [prod. By Chuck Strangers]
12. Sadderdaze (feat. Ab-Soul) [prod. By BrandUn DeShay]
13. Still The Motto [prod. By Cookin Soul]
14. Sup Preme (feat. Joey Bada$$) [prod. By Carnage]
15. Seek Well (feat. A La $ole & Phife Dawg) [prod. By Jules Strangelove]
16. Outro-wed (feat. Erick ‘Arc’ Elliot) [prod. By Arc]
17. Thee Heiiist (feat. Dessy Hinds, Chelsea Reject & T’nah Apex) [prod. By Carnage]
18. The Error [prod. By Cookin Soul]