bmr>HOTSPOT>[mixtape] Mr. MFN eXquire ‘Kismet (Blue Edition)’


[mixtape] Mr. MFN eXquire ‘Kismet (Blue Edition)’

Mr. MFN eXquire - Kismet (blue edition)

ニューヨークの新鋭ラッパー、ミスター・マザファッキン・エスクワイアが6月に発表したミックステープ『Kismet』に、ボーナストラックを加えたデラックス版となるブルー・エディションが登場。チャンス・ザ・ラッパーとの“Untitled”、サンダーキャットとの“Blue Naked Baby Cupid”、アルケミストとの“Fat Fool”などを追加。

1. Kismet Blue Intro
2. The Cauldron (prod. by KLVN Key-Nyata)
3. Noble Drew Ali eXplained
4. Noble Drew Ali (prod. by CONSTROBUZ)
5. I Was Drunk When I Wrote This (prod. by Star King)
6. She’s Not Fucking With Me… (Skit)
7. Cherry Raindrops (prod. by CONSTROBUZ)
8. Vanilla Rainbows (prod. by Curtis Mayfield)
9. Illest Nigga Speaking
10. Illest Niggaz Breathin’ ft. Goldie Glo (prod. by J5atron)
11. Chains ft. Heron (prod. by Georgia Anne Muldrow)
12. Hoes eXplained
13. Hoes Prelude ft. Gorgeous Black
14. Hoes I Don’t Remember ft. Adrian Marcel & Joe Black (prod. by CONSTROBUZ)
15. Tomorrow’s Gone ft. Danny Brown, Nacho Picasso & Flatbush Zombies (prod. by DJ SicksentZ)
16. Orbz a.k.a. Some Wise Quote Drake Never Said (prod. by The MFK)
17. Run eXplained
18. Never Running Again (prod. by CONSTROBUZ)
19. This Was My Last Mixtape Ever
20. Ozwald’s Moment
21. Paper Hearts (prod. by Dan Freeman)
22. This Song’s Offensive Huh!?
23. …eXxx Studio ft. Cokey Briccz & Goldie Glo (prod. by Street Scott)
24. Last Words
25. Untitled ft. Chance The Rapper (prod. by Dot Da Genius)
26. Draped in Gold (prod. Bowery Beats)
27. Butt Naked Baby Cupid feat. Thundercat (NOT prod. by Thundercat)
28. Fat Fool (prod. by The Alchemist)