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[album stream] Masego ‘Lady Lady’

Masego - Lady Lady

マセーゴが、待望のデビュー・アルバム『Lady Lady』を発表。全曲 2曲のぞいて誰でもフル試聴できます。



1. Silk… [prod. by Kojoa Asamoah & Masego / keys by DRiN Elliott]

2. I Had A Vision [prod. by Kojoa Asamoah & Masego]

3. Lavish Lullaby [prod. by Kojoa Asamoah, TK Keyembe & Masego]

4. Old Age (feat. SiR) [prod. by Jahnei Clarke & Jasper Harris]

5. Prone [prod. by Kojoa Asamoah, Oliver "Bigg Kid" Bergqvist, Justin Bryant & Masego / add'l vocals by AmalMarie]

6. Sugar Walls [prod. by Kojoa Asamoah & Masego / add'l vocals by Ari Lennox]

7. Queen Tings (feat. Tiffany Gouché) [prod. by Kojoa Asamoah, Oliver "Bigg Kid" Bergqvist & Masego]

8. Just A Little (feat. Dewayne Jackson) [prod. by Kojoa Asamoah & Masego]

9. Shawty Fishin’ (Blame The Net) [prod. by Kojoa Asamoah, Rozwell Fitzroy, Dillon Goldberg, Bailey Goldberg & Masego]

10. Lady Lady [prod. by Sounwave]

11. 24 Hr. Relationship [prod. by Masego / spoken words by Kehlani]

12. Black Love [prod. by Kojoa Asamoah, Louis Futon & Masego]

13. Tadow (feat. FKJ) [prod. by FKJ & Masego]

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Album Drops Tomorrow!! Let’s talk about the musicians and producers on this album as you stare at the velvet curtains and same chandelier Sia swung on. Silk- those keys are @drinxdrin! What better way to start “Lady Lady” then a woman playing keys! Vision- features @bebesphotos on strings. Black woman energy on track 2. Come on now. Lavish Lullaby- My Brutha from the mother land @tkdoeswerk! He’s another “I do everything” producer. He’s as booshie as me and is one of the hardest working guys i know. Old Age- @jahneiclarke and @jasperharris lawd! The soul these two added to this is wild. @nickyquinn added that bass. And my man @maxwell_sensei hit that guitar. Master piece. Prone- can we talk about how @amalmarie is really the reason that song sounds so grown and sexy. She got vocals vocals. We made that song on my looper. Made it faster than tadow. And @biggkidmusic on keys. Bruv, the swing on those keys! @kojoa The knock on those drums! @nickyquinn the bass! Wow @swingmanjb with the CHops!! And he chopped his hair off. Goat cut Sugar Walls- that’s just me and @arilennox Warming up. A whole spiritual trip cause she’s so effortless amazing. Queen Tings- Y’all heard the story. @nickyquinn played that beat and that’s all she wrote. Just a little- yeah keys @dan_the_manimal Is someone you’ll hear a lot more from! Max on bass again crushin! Shawty fishin- that’s a Virgina moment, cause @rozwellfitzroy, @marc.dillon and @realbrg , brought that to life. Drum chopping, drum smackin! Big Colab. Lady Lady- @sounwavetde. Need I say more! It’s him. 24- @maxwell_sensei And my Brutha @Kymanidunn, vibin. Tappin In, crushin, slumpin, Black Love- blessings @louisfutonbeats for those drums and choppin up the keys so legendary like. Tadow- My Brutha @kojoa Really executive produced this thing. He introduced me to Lady B on strings and Amal and Nicky, and selflessly amplified my music to this grown man level it currently sits at. Thank you! Some of the people I mentioned are sprinkled throughout the album, so listen close.

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