bmr>HOTSPOT>[new song] Gavin Turek – WHITNEY (prod. by Chris Hartz)


[new song] Gavin Turek – WHITNEY (prod. by Chris Hartz)

Gavin Turek - WHITNEY



プロデュースは、ギャヴィンのデビューEP『Good For You』でも“The Distance”、“On The Line”など3曲を手がけたクリス・ハーツです。

WHITNEY – OUT NOW. This song is about beatin that face and getting out of the house, even though you feel like _______. You get up. You thrive on the dance floor. You’re multidimensional, complex, and complicated. You’re beautiful. I can’t believe I unknowingly released this song on Michael’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Michael. I’m clearly inspired by your artistry and attitude. That voice. Those harmonies. Stage presence like none other. Your work ethic and exceptionalism continues to mystify the world. Your MAGIC will live forever. Love you. Thank you . . . Cover Art / Art Direction by Hana Ardelean / @tigertigerstudio Song Produced by @therealhartzy Written by me and @therealhartzy Featuring bass by @tdraybass . . #gavinturek #whitney #endofsummerjam

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TOKYOOOOO thank you for the love these last few days thank you @tuxedo and @billboardlive_tokyo for havin me!

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