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[album stream] Chris Brown ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’

Chris Brown - Heartbreak On A Full Moon

クリス・ブラウンが予告どおり、全45曲の新作『Heartbreak On A Full Moon』をハロウィンに配信。全曲フル試聴できます。R.ケリー、ジェネイ・アイコ、アッシャー、タイ・ダラー・サイン、フューチャー、グッチ・メイン、ヤング・サグ、リル・ヤティ、デージ・ローフ、ヨー・ガッティ、コ―ダック・ブラック、エイ・ブギー・ウィット・ダ・フディらがゲスト参加しています。

フィジカルCD盤は今週金曜の11月3日、日本盤は11月15日に発売される予定。ケヴィン・リトルの“Turn Me On”を引用した“Questions”、レッドラットの“Tight Up Skirt”のフレーズも引用する“Privacy”などを始め、エムトゥーメイ“Juicy”ネタの“Juicy Body”、マイケル・ジャクソン“Remember The Time”を引用する“Even”、PM・ドーンの“I’d Die Without You”っぽい“Nowhere”などなど収録。


[disc 1]
1. Lost & Found [prod. by J-Bo]

2. Privacy [prod. by d.a. doman]

3. Juicy Booty (feat. Jhené Aiko & R. Kelly) [prod. by Polow Da Don, Chu, & DJ Buddha]

4. Questions [prod. by Philip Kembo & Brandon "B Ham" Hamlin]

5. Hearbreak On A Full Moon [prod. by Don City & Derrick D. Beck]

6. Roses [prod. by Ishmael Sadiq Montague, Floyd "A1" Bentley]

7. Confidence [prod. by S o u n d Z, Cardiak, Christian "Hitmaka" Ward, & Floyd "A1" Bentley]

8. Rock Your Body [prod. by Tommy "TBHits" Brown & Michael Foster]

9. Tempo [prod. by Sean Momberger]

10. Handle It (feat. DeJ Loaf & Lil Yachty) [prod. by Swiff D / add'l prod. by Patrizio Pigliapoco]

11. Sip [prod. by Christopher "Chrishan" Dotson, Txpski & Floyd "A1" Bentley]

12. Everybody Knows [prod. by Tariq Beats & Paul Cabbin]

13. To My Bed [prod. by Ayo, Keyzbaby & EY]

14. Hope You Do [prod. by Ishmael Sadiq Montague & Floyd "A1" Bentley]

15. This Ain’t [prod. by Michael "Foreign Teck" Hernandez, OZ & Tariq Beats]

16. Pull Up [prod. by Floyd "A1" Bentley & Tariq Beats]

17. Party (feat. Usher & Gucci Mane) [prod. by ISM & Floyd "A1" Bentley]

18. Sensei (feat. A1) [prod. by OG Parker, Floyd "A1" Bentley, & Deko]

19. Summer Breeze [prod. by Christopher "Chrishan" Dotson, Nicholas "Txpski" Ramsahoye, & Floyd "A1" Bentley)]

20. No Exit [prod. by Don City & Derrick D. Beck]

21. Pills & Automobiles (feat. Yo Gotti, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Kodak Black) [prod. by OG Parker, Smash David & The Martianz]

22. Hurt The Same [prod. by d.a. doman]

[disc 2]
1. I Love Her [prod. by Antwan "Amadeus" Thompson & Trilogy]

2. You Like [prod. by Antwan "Amadeus" Thompson, Charles "Chizzy" Stephens III, & Brandon "B Ham" Hamlin]

3. Nowhere [prod. by Mel & Mus]

4. Other Niggas [prod. by Michael "Foreign Teck" Hernandez & Vontae Thomas /add'l prod. by Cratos]

5. Tough Love [prod. by Boi-1da / co-prod. by Frank Dukes & J-Louis / add'l prod. by Sevn Thomas & Syk Sense]

6. Paradise [prod. by Cam Wallace]

7. Covered In You [prod. by Ayo, Keyzbaby, & P2J]

8. Even [prod. by Laney Stewart]

9. High End (feat. Future & Young Thug) [prod. by Richie Souf]

10. On Me [prod. by Antwan "Amadeus" Thompson, Aaron Rogers, & Rashad Johnson Breed]

11. Tell Me What To Do [prod. by d.a. doman]

12. Frustrated [prod. by ADP]

13. Enemy [prod. by Scott Storch / co-prod. by Diego Ave.]

14. If You’re Down [prod. by ADP & Mike "Scribz" Riley]

15. Bite My Tongue [prod. by Daecolm Holland, Moon Willis & Floyd "A1" Bentley]

16. Run Away [prod. by Dre Moon & Floyd "A1" Bentley]

17. This Way [prod. by Jeremy "JMike" Coleman & Floyd "A1" Bentley]

18. Yellow Tape [prod. by Antwan "Amadeus" Thompson & Velocity Music]

[bonus tracks]
19. Reddi Wip [prod. by Jordan Evans & Matthew Burnett / co-prod. by Jandre Amos]

20. Hangover [prod. by Antwan "Amadeus" Thompson, Aaron Rogers & Rashad Johnson Breed]

21. Emotions [prod. by Billboard]

22. Only 4 Me (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Verse Simmonds) [prod. by Danja, Qkauztion, & Verse Simmonds]

23. Grass Ain’t Greener [prod. by Nikhil]