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[mixtape] Lil Yachty ‘Summer Songs 2′

Lil Yachty - Summer Songs 2

今年の「XXL Freshmen Class」のひとりに選ばれたアトランタの18歳、リル・ヤティが、ミックステープ『Summer Songs 2』を発表。同じくXXL Freshmanなリル・ハーブ(改めG・ハーボ)や、ミーゴスのオフセットら参加。Apple Musicでのストリーミング限定となります。Apple Musicの独占が終了し、デジタル・リリースされました。

XXL Freshmenによるサイファー&フリースタイル映像はこちら

1. Intro (First Day Of Summer) [prod. by Burberry Perry]
2. For Hot 97 (feat. JBan$2Turn, Byou & BigBruthaChubba) [prod. by Wizard Beatz]
3. IDK [prod. by D33J]
4. King Of Teens [prod. by Misoģi]
5. Shoot Out The Roof [prod. by ILoveUPeter]
6. Why? (Interlude) [prod. by BYOU$]
7. Up Next 3 (feat. Lil Herb) [prod. by Chris Fresh]
8. DipSet (feat. Offset) [prod. by BYOU$]
9. Life Goes On (feat. Cook Laflare) [prod. by Earl]
10. Yeah Yeah [prod. by Burberry Perry]
11. Pretty (feat. Burberry Perry) [prod. by 1Mind]
12. Such Ease (feat. Burberry Perry & Tyler Royale)
13. All In (feat. Burberry Perry, Byou, Kay the Yacht, BigBruthaChubba, $oop, Jban$2Turnt, Kodie Shane & K$upreme) [prod. by Saģe]
14. So Many People