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[mixtape] Kurupt ‘Moon Rock’

Kurupt - Moon Rock

コラプトがミックステープ『Moon Rock』を発表。ウィズ・カリファ、B・リアル、トゥー・ショート、バトルキャット、元アイシス(Isyss)でメーガン・グッドの姉ラマイア・グッドら参加。テラス・マーティンがプロデュースしたケンドリック・ラマー“Kurupted (dedicated to Kurupt)”も収録。


1. Kurupt Intro: You Mad [prod. by Knotch & JGE]
2. Mystic River (feat. Benjilino) [prod. by Battlecat]
3. JulioG Interlude #1 [prod. by Knotch]
4. A1 (feat. AVLMKR) [prod. by Ayoo Meco]
5. Real Love (feat. Knotch, La’myia Good, Jus10 Skywalker) [prod. by Battlecat]
6. Hydroponic (feat. Wiz Khalifa, B Real, Knotch & Mally Mall) [prod. by Frequency Pusher / co-prod. by Notch]
7. Julio G Interlude #2 [prod. by Knotch]
8. The Rain (feat. Young LA) [prod. by What310]
9. Im Gotti Like That [prod. by Ayoo Meco]
10. Knocth First Single Interlude: What Up [prod. by Knotch]
11. Yellow Diamonds (feat. Wiz Khalifa & Kev O) [prod. by Knotch]
12. Julio G Interlude #3
13. Hurricane Season [prod. by Gee]
14. I Be On [prod. by Gee]
15. California (feat. Lil Pimpin) [prod. by Chris T]
16. Expect (feat. Too $hort) [prod. by Knotch]
17. She Like It [prod. by Ayoo Meco]
18. How Many Times [prod. by What310]
19. Something That U Not [prod. by Ayoo Meco]
20. Livin For The Day (feat. Carmell Marie) [prod. by Qmillions]
21. MoonLight (feat. Roscoe, Kid Gotti, Dr. Zodiak, & Young LA) [prod. by What310]
22. Can’t Buy My Love (feat. Allstar & Amber Spice) [prod. by Allstar]
23. Kurupted / Kendrick Lamar [prod. by Terrace Martin]