bmr>HOTSPOT>[mixtape] Shy Glizzy ‘Law 3: Now Or Never’


[mixtape] Shy Glizzy ‘Law 3: Now Or Never’

Shy Glizzy – Law 3: Now Or Never

ワシントンDCの新進ラッパー、シャイ・グリジーがミックステープ『Law 3: Now Or Never』を発表。ミーゴス、ボビー・シュマーダ、KE・オン・ザ・トラック、ヤング・チョップ、ゼイトーヴェンら参加。


1. Legend [prod. by KE on The Track]
2. Celebration (feat. Bobby Shmurda) [prod. by Zaytoven]
3. Anywhere (feat. 3 Glizzy 30 Glizzy) [prod. by Young Chop]
4. Funeral [prod. by KE On The Track]
5. What U Talkin Bout [prod. by Doughboy Beatz]
6. Cocky [prod. by LG]
7. Ridin [prod. by Roger Beat]
8. What To Do [prod. by All-Star]
9. Handcuffs [prod. by KE On The Track]
10. Money (feat. Young Dolph) [prod. by Zaytoven]
11. She Like Me (feat. Migos) [prod. by Da Doman]
12. Better Days (feat. Goo Glizzy) [prod. by Trauma Tone]
13. Everything Golden [prod. by Zaytoven]
14. 3 Glizzy – My Heart (feat. Shy Glizzy) [prod. by EA Glizzy]
15. Thank You [prod. by Lokey]