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[album stream] Thelonious Martin ‘Wünderkid’

Thelonious Martin - Wünderkid



1. Marvin
2. Atlantis (feat. Curren$y & Domo Genesis)
3. September
4. Corners of Your Mind (feat. Nylo & Ksra)
5. Purp Interlude (feat. Joey Purp)
6. Ode To Madlib
7. Tree Of Life Reprise
8. The Home Team (feat. Topaz Jones & Saint Ross)
9. Malcom Interlude (feat. Mac Miller)
10. All It Takes (feat. Smoke DZA)
11. Tonight/Dreaming/Wake Up
12. Jazzercise (feat. Michael Christmas)
13. Wrong or Right
14. BadGuyGoodGuy (feat. Retch & Ab-Soul)
15. Purp Outro (feat. Joey Purp)